BLAST Search

This page is designed for people who want to check if their gene of interests was tagged by Mu transposon. If so, maybe you can order the seeds and do functional analysis. Your sequence can be searched against transposon flanking GSS sequences generated by the following projects.

  • RescueMu – RescueMu insertion flanking sequences by the Maize Gene Discovery Project. Note: any given RescueMu-transformed plant contain the parental RescueMu elements that were recovered at a high frequency during s equencing (from every sequenced row or column). In order to analyze the gene discovery by newly inserted RescueMu (i.e., where the non- parentals inserted into the maize genome), you can click here to screen against our identified parental sequences from each grid.
  • UniformMu – Mu insertion flanking sequences by the Maize Endosperm Functional Genomics Consortium